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"Change Your Behavior patterns, Change Your Life!"


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I am passionate about helping women grow and develop into the brave people they were born to be.

It is said that how we do one thing is how we do everything.

I work with women who are having challenges letting go of toxic choices that keep them trapped.


They hunger to reconnect with who they are, the joy they've lost and what they love.

Is that YOU?

What I do is help you clear the emotional clutter, create a free flowing routine so you can live your most fluid and peaceful life.

If you're ready to embrace freedom and step forward into a dance of life you have longed for, let's have a cup of coffee and talk about how to get you there.


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It's been 4 weeks now and I am amazed at the growth, revelations and freedom of mind and time I now have.

I had no idea what to expect and I'm grateful I didn't really create expectations because this life coaching is truly life changing.

My self worth and confidence has gone up. I'm putting time for me right after my time of prayer and worship.

It's so amazing to feel great about everyday knowing I have planned and surrendered so whatever my day brings I know it's part of the day.

My biggest take away so far is this… learning that it's not selfish but very necessary to put myself first has created so much mental and emotional freedom I'm so excited to grow and continue this journey.

The breakthroughs have me dancing everyday, smiling more and excited to conquer each day.

My family is recognizing the changes in Mommy and my heart couldn't be more full.

-Lacey Brooks




Before I met Susan, my confidence level was pretty low, but now I feel that I can stand up for my self and feel comfortable saying what I feel needs to be said and to say it.

Susan is a great coach.

With her help and guidance you will be able to be confident in all areas of your life.  Also you will gain skills to improve how you react to situations and be able to know you are ok.

-Ginny Hoke-

Here’s what I would like to express to anyone considering working on personal growth and transformation:  “for quite some time I’ve felt at odds and uncertain about what to do to regain my sense of balance and purpose.

My spirit was broken, I felt powerless, and that I had no voice.

Through Susan’s thoughtful questioning and patient support I was able to work through deeply embedded narratives.  Life scripts that I’d had no idea were still guiding my life’s direction.  By taking several of these  narratives and working through them thoughtfully and sometimes painfully,  I was able to regain my voice that I had allowed to be diminished.

By allowing my little girl to be heard, embraced, encouraged I have given voice to an amazingly powerful spirit.  Learning that I don’t always have to be the S-Hero in my personal and professional life has freed me.  Freed me to support others who were waiting to become leaders but simply felt they couldn’t because I was always taking charge and leading.  Freed me to be a stronger listener/adviser and risk taker because I’ve learned to PAUSE~BREATHE~PIVOT!!

So I thank Susan for her encouragement, straight-talk, humor, and loving guidance.  For reminding me how to make God laugh:  tell Him your plans ?.   I’m reminded daily to “Let go, Let God!”  His plan for me is so much greater than anything I could imagine.

Thank you Susan for those gentle reminders.  Your 90-day Transformation program was priceless and would do it all over again!

You were God sent and so timely in my growth and this incredible journey that I’m once again excited about!  Much love and gratitude to you my Life Coach and now friend! Thank you for the E-ticket ride!  Looking forward to handling the bumps and bruises to come but oh those beautiful smooth stretches will be that much more appreciated!

Lucia Holman




Before I met Susan, I was aware of what I was allowing but not aware that others could see it clearly.

Now I'm able to own my choice of either allowing or not allowing. I think Susan is very wise and kind in her gentle nudging. If you're thinking of working with her, you can feel confident about your choice.

-Terry Kinney-




Before I met Susan, I was stuck on past resentments and worries. I needed help in letting go!

Now I’m able to pause, recognize the resentment or worrying thought, go through my teachings and mantras and gently let go. I’m still working with her.

What I think of Susan Temple Goodson

If you’re thinking of working with her, buckle up, say a prayer for strength, and be prepared to start a healing process like no other. Best investment in myself hands down.

-Patty Solares-




Before I met Susan, I was stuck.  I had piles all over my office and was overwhelmed.

Now I am able to do something every day and encourage myself.

Susan has a wonderful way of supporting you where you are and gently moving you forward.

I would highly recommend working with Susan.  She is insightful, focused, supportive and encouraging.

Edie Evans




I was in a great fog of grief, fear, and confusion after having lost my Husband.

I knew I needed help in this new life without my Superman, and I was apprehensive, at best about finding someone to help me navigate this valley.  I searched for a Life Coach for some time before I found Susan on Facebook.  I followed her for a bit and was truly inspired by her daily posts.  I felt that she could be the one to help me navigate this journey.

Upon Meeting Susan for the first time, I was instantly at ease, and knew I was correct in my choice.  I have been with her for over a year now.  She is exactly what I expected to find in a Life Coach.  She is compassionate, understanding, a true listener.  She really cares about my journey, (This is not a journey for the faint at heart.) and the progress I’ve made during our time together.

With Susan’s help I have completed my personal journey, through the fog. She has helped me be the Brave Warrior Woman that I am meant to be. I have decided to take another, very different journey with Susan as my small business coach. I believe she’s one of those people that has a direct ‘hotline’ to Our Father.

I highly recommend Susan if you need someone to help you find your voice and navigate your path through whatever type of fog you may be in.





Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid To Look Fabulous Over 50
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